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Last update on October 18th, 2020

Below you can find a selection of software products and designs I've worked on over that past nine years. There are no concept designs; everything you can see is implemented and went live.

While I was hiring designers I found many out there that publish designs that may look nice but never have been developed or solve an actual problem. For me, this is important. Every time I design something, it's just a mockup until we are getting real with it. Many factors need to be incorporated to ensure feasibility. Collaboration with developers and user feedback is essential for good design. In the end, you need to know if you solved the problem and help them to make progress in their lives.

Mobile POS for Store Associates

iOS App 路 2017 - Present

The first product I want to show you is from my time at NewStore. For the last three years I'm the lead designer for the Associate App, a mobile POS that addresses the needs of today's associates and shoppers. It streamlines the checkout, gives store associates access to inventory & customer data, and allows them to engage with the customer even outside the store.

The Associate App is in use by thousands of store associates every day at retailers like Decathlon, Burton, UNTUCKit, or Outdoor Voices.

For the portfolio I put together a set of problems that needed to be solved where good user experience was critical for daily use.

Check out www.newstore.com/mobile-pos.

Look behind the scenes to learn more here.

Mixed Transaction

Enable associates to sell items to a customer that are available in the store and online in one transaction.

Contactless Checkout

Remove the friction of using a physical payment device and make it easy for a customer to share it's contact info for easy returns.

Quick Login

Allow associates to share iPhones available in the store and quickly identify themself without typing in username and password.

Cash Management

Allow the store to fully operate with cash by providing daily openings & closings, cash sales with drawer scanning and non-sale transactions.

Manage Retail Operations

Web App 路 2015 - 2017

The second product is also from my time at NewStore. For the first two years at NewStore, I was the lead designer for the Omnichannel Manager, a back-office tool that allows the support and operations team to manage their day-to-day business and set up our platform.

Check out www.newstore.com/omnichannel.

Look behind the scenes to learn more here.

Interact with your audience

Web App 路 2013 - 2014

The third product I want to show you is from my time at Zebresel. A digital signage solution that allows you to put social media content on display and interact with an audience. You can bring up anything you want during events 鈥 a GIF, Facebook post, Tweet, video, vote, or simple text.

We created a party service that people could book: SONEP 鈥 Social Network Party. In 2013 Facebook parties were booming and we saw a need by event organizers. The system was running all night long in night clubs or event locations. People could post into a Facebook group and saw their posts on a big screen. With different modules, we allowed ourselves to guide the evening.

Check out www.sonep.de and www.signumplus.de.

Look behind the scenes to learn more here.

Do your own lasershow

iOS App 路 2013

The fourth product is also from my time at Zebresel. An app that allows anyone to create a light-show to fascinate people wherever you want without a special license. We combined a video projector, artificial fog, and 2D animations with an iOS device. With the app, you can create playlists with a broad set of predefined animations, and a live mix mode allows you to touch and draw animations on the screen to unfold your creativity.

Check out www.beamerlasershow.de.

Look behind the scenes to learn more here.