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About Me

I'm a 32 year old Product Designer based in Berlin.

I'm a product designer with a background in computer science that combines technology and design to solve customer problems that meet the needs of the business. For the past nine years, I've been involved in all sorts of software projects, both big and small.

Since 2015 I'm working at NewStore to help to transform the vision into a real product. For the last two years, I've been leading the product design team, drive the UX strategy and the design process.

Working experience

I'm in the business of building products to solve user problems.


5 years · Berlin

I'm with the company since 2015, and I'm leading the product design team, drive the UX strategy and product design process. NewStore operates a platform for retailers to run their stores on iPhones.

My team is part of the shaping and development process. We provide user research, design user flows, and build prototypes. When it comes to development, we are either embedded in an engineering team or offer UX-as-a-Service. Everything happens in close collaboration with product management, professional services, and customer success. As a designer, the user I'm focusing on is a store associate. To help them get the job done, we build store apps that enable mobile checkout, endless aisle, store fulfillment, real-time inventory, and clienteling.

If you ever heard of Decathlon, UNTUCKit, or Outdoor Voices, then just visit their stores in the US and tell me about your experience – happy to hear about it!

Head of Product Design

April 2018 – Present · 2 years 2 months

As the Head of Product Design, I took the responsibility to lead the product design team, drive the UX strategy and the product design process.

On a daily basis, we are working hands-on doing design jobs, user research, and prototyping efforts. When it comes to supporting development, we either embedded in an engineering team or offer UX-as-a-Service.

In close collaboration with product management, customer success, and engineering, our shared experience vision is to challenge the old assumptions of existing retail technology and antiquated in-store practices with an intuitive experience for retailers and customers that brings joy back to the shopping experience.

Product Manager

Mai 2017 – April 2018 · 1 year

Every designer at NewStore grew into a Product Manager role. The past year I was working on a white-label consumer app that our retailers could customize. Strategically we decided that this is currently not our focus and most significant challenge, so we chose to partner.

Nevertheless, I gained a lot of knowledge designing a mobile app with the focus on shopping. Using that, I partnered up with another Product Manager, and together we lead the product design and development of the Associate App. The app is a mobile POS solution that addresses the needs of today’s shoppers. It streamlines the checkout and gives store associates access to inventory & customer data.

Product Desginer

March 2015 – May 2017 · 2 years 3 months

Joining NewStore was a big opportunity for me: Move to Berlin, work for an international B2B company, communicate in English, and grow my skill set as a designer.

My first job was a pure designer role without any coding. In collaboration with a Product Owner and two engineers, we researched, prototyped, and developed the Omnichannel Manager. The primary user is the customer support of a retailer while also a retail manager, and NewStore support have a use for it.

It was the first time I worked in a design team together with other designers and researchers. I learned a lot from Mathias Bartsch Kluge, who helped me shift my focus from design aesthetics to problem-centered design. We were always in close collaboration while everyone had the design ownership of a specific product: User Research, Design Reviews, Usability Tests, Design Sprints and working with engineers became our daily business.


2011 - 2015 · 4 years · Erfurt

Together with a team of computer scientists (Martin Gessert, Steven Lüttig & Kristof Friess), I founded an agency called Zebresel with a focus on website- and app development while we were still studying. From 2011 until 2015, we planned, developed, and launched customer projects in Germany. In addition to project management, I focused on the user experience and user interface design. At the end of 2013, we started to develop products based on our ideas.

UX & UI Design

November 2013 – March 2015 · 1.5 years

I loved doing design – it doesn't matter if it was a website, flyer, or an app. But it's not about how it looks like; it's how it feels. While still doing the design & development for customers, we also started building our products. I focused entirely on user experience design and user research. To my advantage, we always wanted to solve our own problems, and that made access to users and testing easier.

Signum+ – The first product is a digital signage solution. It allows you to manage content for every kind of screen. With the usage of social media, we enabled our customers to engage with their guests during events. Together with a display solution partner, we were able to show off the power of the product at the Rock am Ring festival in Germany 2014. Learn more about it here www.signumplus.de

Beamerlasershow – The second product is an app that allows you to create a light-show and fascinate your guests wherever you want. We combined a video projector, artificial fog, and 2D animations with an iOS device. The app for iPhone and iPad allows you to create playlists with a big set of predefined animations. By allowing to touch and draw animations on the screen, the live mix mode unfolded your creativity. Learn more about it here www.beamerlasershow.de

Web Design & Development

April 2011 – October 2013 · 2.5 years

Shortly before finishing my bachelor's degree, I wanted to make something with my freshly gained knowledge. Luckily I wasn't the only one, and I found some colleagues with the same idea. We called ourselves Zebresel, started to make some money on the side and learned how to build something that solves customer problems.


I spent six years at the university.

University of Applied Science Erfurt

2008 - 2014 · 6 years · Erfurt

Going to a university was never part of my initial plan and certainly not staying there for six years – I never regreted that decision. A study in Erfurt aims to teach practical oriented knowledge and skills in the main areas of computer science. I gained expertise in technologies, algorithms, and programming as well as methodical skills for analyzing, planning, and implementing solutions.

Master of Science (M.Sc.), Computer Sience

2011 - 2014

While it was clear to me that I want to get my master's degree, I was also already doing some business on the side. Together with colleagues from the university, I founded an agency called Zebresel. By splitting my time between them, I learned how to apply my theoretical knowledge to solve customer problems and make money out of it.

At the university, I became better in analyzing complex requirements, propose appropriate solutions, plan, and coordinate implementations. I specialized in the development of complex interactive applications with a focus on user-centered design of interfaces.

My master thesis addressed the UX design and further development of an interactive display system for cross media communication with an emphasis on social media.

📄 Interactive Display Systems by Martin Gessert & Henning Witzel

Bachelor of Science (M.Sc.), Computer Sience

2008 - 2011

During the first three years I specialised on computer science in media. I learned a lot about procedures, methods, and technologies in the area of media design, production, and engineering. My focus was on the evaluation, planning and implementation of digital web-based products.

My bachelor thesis focused on the development of a web-framework considering specific functional and non-functional requirements. It describes the conceptual design, implementation, and evaluation of the framework. We were one of the first ones that tested a development framework on usability with software engineers.

📄 Web-Framework by Martin Gessert & Henning Witzel

SBSZ Jena-Göschwitz

2004 - 2007 · 3 years · Jena

The SBSZ is a governmental career development center that got me into computer science. This education was a combination of school and work. After two years of studying, I had to work in a company to get my high school degree.

IT Engineer

2006 - 2007

Before I went to university, I worked as an IT engineer at JENDATA Computersysteme GmbH, and I was responsible for maintaining their customer's IT systems. In my day to day business, I dealt with computer hardware, software, and networking tools. I learned how to test, install, and configure those to troubleshoot them.

Technical Assistent for Computer Science

2004 - 2006

It was the first time I learned something about computer science – how to code, how computers work, or how to set up a proper network. This education allowed me to get my high school degree and specialize in what I enjoyed – computers.


I was told everyone has this nowadays.

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