Henning Witzel

Hi, I'm Henning.

I design and build software products to solve customer problems.

Hey โ€“ it looks like you made it here! There are different reasons for this: maybe you know me, or you found me somehow on the internet โ€“ either way, I'm welcoming you.

The internet became a place where companies and their algorithms control a lot of information. You need to hope that the post you saw on Instagram or Facebook will pop up again. Or a new article at Medium you want to read is not accessible because you reached your limit for the month.

This site is my attempt for an independent place of all my thoughts and projects. You can read my articles. See what kind of books or podcasts I like. Take a look at specific projects I worked on (soon) and, of course, learn something about me โ€” no limitations, no algorithms, no advertisments, just a simple website.